More than 55% of community oncology practices rely on AmerisourceBergen Specialty Group for the medications for their patients and the efficiency tools for their practices. More than 95% of U.S. hospitals depend on us for vital specialty pharmaceutical products. Similarly, our ties run deep within most other specialties, like rheumatology, nephrology, urology and ophthalmology.

No other company can help you reach a broader population of healthcare provider customers. Turn to us to ensure that your key prescribers gain a complete understanding of your product’s advantages and value.

Our portfolio of market growth services includes:

Clinical and Reimbursement Education that Drives Product Awareness
We help providers learn more about your products through interactive programs that provide prescribers with relevant clinical, industry and business news and information, specifically:

  • Live, educational meetings — Bringing hundreds of practices together, several times annually to learn and discuss clinical, operational and business needs.
  • Oncologistics Magazine — Our award-winning publication covers all aspects of community oncology, with quarterly distribution to more than 5,600 physicians, nurses, practice administrators and pharmacists in the community oncology market.
  • Electronic, opt-in newsletters provide a review of clinical abstracts and new scientific information, timely updates on FDA approvals, ongoing clinical studies and reimbursement programs.

Multimedia Outreach Campaigns that Communicate Product Value and Customer-Specific Pricing
Circulate your key product messages directly to multi-specialty practices through a variety of campaigns such as:

  • Direct mail programs that send your brochures, flyers, study reprints, white papers and meeting invitations to highlight products, programs and initiatives.
  • Webcasts and podcasts conducted by key physician or nurse opinion leaders in timely clinical and operational areas.
  • Online banners redirect visitors through a graphically depicted link to your sponsored pages and information.
  • Product portals that serve as detailed, customizable hubs for dedicated
access to specific product information. These product portals include aggregated clinical, reimbursement and patient access information as well as literature, tools, and surveys.

Contract Telesales Programs that Increase Market Share
Our experienced sales representatives can tap into your desired market, sell your product, establish leads for future opportunities, and get you the return on investment. In fact, a large healthcare corporation experienced a 20% increase in sales on mature brands as a result of participating in a program. 

Our highly trained sales professionals have established relationships with hospitals, retail pharmacies, specialty pharmacies, infusions centers, blood banks and universities across the nation.