Know how, when and why your products are ordered, prescribed and administered. Partner with AmerisourceBergen Specialty Group and gain access to a wealth of supply chain analytics and aggregated data gathered from a customer base that includes the country’s largest community oncology practices and health systems nationwide as well as prescribers in our closed-loop specialty pharmacy programs.

We electronically capture treatment decisions, drugs prescribed and drug administration details at the point of care from oncology practices across the U.S.—creating a database of real-time, longitudinal oncology practice information.

With up-to-date information that could include how quickly patients begin therapy, to how long they stay on treatment, you can:

Gain Greater Understanding of How to Position your Product Against the Competition
From research and development to pre-launch planning and post-launch management, you have the data and resource to support business development, launch strategies and life cycle management. Receive web updates with projected monthly and annual data designed to enable oncology market researchers and analysts to size markets, forecast demand and track market penetration.

Interact with Prescribers in a More Targeted and Informed Manner
Track patient population through lines of therapy and know how many patients with a particular tumor type at a particular stage of disease are getting a particular drug or drug combination. With this kind of knowledge of volume, market share and early adopter behavior, you can more effectively focus on specific practices or on aligning physician outliers with national trends.